With Nadia El Fani, Tunician-French filmmaker in Helsinki African Film Festival.

Iranzu Guijarro

Last Friday and Saturday during Helsinki African Film Festival, Nadia El Fani, Tunisian&French woman presented her documentary Neither Allah nor Master! I spent with her 2 days, seeing the curious places of the city, chating, eating sushi&sashimi and laughing, of course!

This amazing, powerful and smiling woman, Montreal newcomer, told us about the presnt and real situation of Tunisia. In her documentary, she claims the division between religion and government. Why are we forced to be  a Muslim? And If I am Atheistic, what happens? Why am I obligate of doing Ramadan? In this democratic world, we can choose our beliefs…I think and we think that religious belief is a personal decision not a government decision. After this big social revolution, a new Islamist dictatorship is coming to Tunisia…..Tunisian revolution keep going ahead!

Let’s go to Modernist mentallity!

Iranzu Guijarro

She is against of the ideology of the present Islamist government. That’s why she has a lot of problems to filming her documentary in Tunisia. The title of the film was changed several times, the Islamist are against this provocative title. Nadia has received some claims for her documentary. Sometimes she is scared of some threat.

Iranzu Guijarro

Nadia El Fani, Iranzu Guijarro (me), Wanjiku wa Ngugi (African film Festival director) and Anna-Sofia Joro (press Officer). Photographer Alejandro Lorenzo.

On this 22th April in Bilbao, Tahar Ben Jelloun, man of letters, and Lina Ben Mhenni, critical blogger told us about their opinion of Tunisian Country moment and both set out the phenomenon in social and politics. Tahar, this moroccan literature man presented his last book “Arabian Spring: A struggle against silence”. Whatch and listen to this interesting conversation fulfilled by Ana Aizpiri basque and friend journalist.  (French, Spanish and some Basque)

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  1. Amaia Guijarro dijo:

    Very interesting!
    Suggestion: have your English checked before publishing
    Go ahead and a big hug xx Amaia

  2. Hehehehe! True! I have to change some words! I am doing it now! Thanks! ;-)


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