iittala 2012 & WE*DO Gallery.

Iranzu guijarro

WE*DO Gallery is in Bangkok and iittala is a finnish glass/pottery brand. We*Do Gallery is the EXCLUSIVE Official representative of IITTALA in Bangkok. Here you can choose between all the new iittala 2012 Collection: Korento by Klaus Haapaniemi & Heikki Orvola, Birds by Toikka…

Iranzu Guijarro

The WE*DO Gallery is a mix of so many distinct, wonderful influences. Photography, Interior design, glass and pottery artworks. When you go in you breath Design and your eyes enjoy the beautiful details of the art. Francisco Polo and Markus Herchet, they create this special space. They are from Spain and Germany. They combine their different backgrounds in terms of work, interests and culture and We*Do Gallery came up.

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro

iittala, Timeless design since 1881.
What started as a glass factory in Iittala, Finland, now celebrates generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people’s everyday lives. They believe objects should be distinctive, combinable and multi-functional, with lasting design that allows for individual use and expression. Kaj Franck and Alvar Aalto, still inspires them. They don’t just create beautiful objects. iittala 2012 Collection.

KORENTO BY Klaus Haapaniemi & Heikki Orvola.



BIRDS BY Oiva Toikka

Iran Guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro



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