WDC 2012, World Design Capital Helsinki.



This year Helsinki is The World Design Capital. It is offering a diverse events around the city. I knew that Martin Gram, managing director of Snohetta Design// Norway and Henrietta Thompson, editor-a -large, Wallpaper//London were coming to Helsinki. I started looking for WDC2012 progamme and finally, I found ÖÖ: Was it a dream? event where this 2 design professionals would talk about Nordic excellent architecture and design. They inspired me a lot. I learnt of their design points of view and artworks.

ÖÖ: Was it a dream? was launched during London Design Festival 2010 a curated experience showroom bringing together design visionaries from Sweden, Denamrk, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Estonia. This May in Helsinki, the event explores the theme of Authentic Luxury: telling the new Nordic Artist and Designers.

KLUVVI Helsinki. Where the conferences took place.

Iranzu GuijarroIranzu GuijarroNorwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion by Snøhetta

Iranzu GuijarroNorwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion by Snøhetta

Iranzu Guijarro

iranzu GuijarroCraig Dykers, currently with renowned Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu guijarroPlatform is a Habitat design initiative.

Iranzu guijarroSofa designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen and made by Rud Rasmussen, 1942.

Iranzu guijarro‘Solaris’ striped cabinet by Habitek

Iranzu guijarroInside Alvar Aalto’s former studio in Munkkiniemi

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