In Conversation with Miia Magia, Helsinki

Iranzu Guijarro

Miia Magia (left) & Aleksandra Kahakorpi (right) Photo: Alejandro Lorenzo

Miia Magia Design is a Jewellery Design Brand based in Helsinki. Working in the simplicity and modernity style, from feminity to masculine look, Miia designs for all of fashion lovers who love to spice up their individual style with high quality accessories. «LESS IS MORE» it is always in her mind and it is the name of some jewellery pieces.

This finnish artist, started to create her designs in 2006, after her graduation as a dressmaker. She made jewellery only few years now, she wants to get bigger with her new project. Apart from designing, Miia Magia is a Dj and Make-up Artist for several years. In her collection you can find Satins, laces and crystals. Nuts and zippers.

She is currently working in PIN UP HELSINKI as a make-up artist collaborating with Fiona Timantti (Styling & Hair) and Saara Sami (Photography).

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro


When I first saw your artworks, the words that came to my mind were delicate, elegant, simple. What is the inspiration for your artworks? About your neckless, I am really curious to know about the origin of your inspiration. My inspiration can come pretty much from anywhere! Like when I saw a fallen disco ball on a storage of a club where I’m working as a dj. Or when I went to a hardware store to find things to my kitchen and I found a shelf full of nuts and got exited about those! It can be anything that looks interesting and not that ordinary to make jewellery. Sure I’ve got very basic stuff too, like satin and lace, but that tells something about my line, I want to give something for every taste.

Iranzu GuijarroYou use neutral colors for your designs. Do you think that you are influenced for your country aesthetic? To be honest I havent thought about that. But yeah, I guess we Finns are quite neutral folks. But maybe the simple reason is that my own favourite colours are black, white and grey! Apart from been Jewelry Designer, you enjoy playing music as Dj and you are professional Make-up Artist. Which of them is your favorite?I mean, I’m sure that your feelings change depending on the activity,  Which is your favorite feeling? Well they are both very important for me! As a dj and make-up artist I make my living. I’ve been djing already 7 years and been a make-up artist 4 years. I gratuated as a dressmaker about ten years ago and that’s the thing where my jewellery designing comes from. I’ve made jewellery only few years now, so I’m sure it’s getting bigger! And at the moment I’m most exited about my jewellery, because it’s the newest of my jobs. But as I said all of my jobs are very important for me and whatever I do, I want to do it perfectly!

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu guijarro

Iranzu GuijarroIs there any other project that you are currently working on? Yes, very interesting project called PinUpHelsinki! I work there as a make-up artist!

Finland or Denmark. Finland, That’s my home country! But I like Denmark too, they’ve got very very good Roskilde festival.

Iranzu Guijarro

More info you’ll find from her webpage and her facebook page

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  1. Amaia Guijarro dijo:

    Me gusta esta diseñadora, me gustan el collar de la primera foto y los collares hechos con tuercas….xx

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