The Creation of the Classic Style Icons, Danish Design. Part 1.

Iranzu GuijarroRepublic of Fritz Hansen, Furniture Factory, Copenhagen.

FRITZ HANSEN started a Wood Furniture production company of his own in Copenhagen, 1872.  In the 30′, Fritz Hansen was a leader in Furniture created in laminate wood. His son, Christian E. Hansen, started experimenting with steam bending beench, new concept. Nowadays,Republic of Fritz Hansen invites a series of new designers to interpret the design philosophy of the actual company.

ARNE JACOBSEN (1902-1971), Arquitect and Designer. Bauhaus Movement.

IRANZU GUIJARROArne Jacobsen studied Arquitecture in Paris, 1924. Bauhaus movement was in the air. He totally dominates the fifties at Fritz Hansen. The collaboration started in 1934, when he creates the laminated ANT CHAIR. The Inspiration of the Ant came from Hvidt& Molggard’s AX- Series. Arne Jacobsen was and is  an admired and outstanding danish designer. His famous artworks in furniture design are ANT Chair, EGG, SWAM Chair and Sofa, Series 7 and Series 3300.

Iranzu GuijarroANT Chair Design, Arne Jacobsen.

Iranzu GuijarroSWAN Chair Design, Arne Jacobsen. Fifties.

Iranzu GuijarroEGG Chair Design. Arne Jacobsen.

POUL HENNINGSEN (1894-1967). PH. Designer and Writer.


He pretty well invented modern Danish living. His lamps Designs are mostly in every houses of Denmark. His designs are still in production today. His artworks are manufacuring by the company  Louis Poulsen. His famous masterpieces are PH Lamp: The lamp is designed with multiple concentric shades to eliminate visual glare, only emitting reflected light, obscuring the light source. PH Artichoke: a chrome inner diffuser also assists in the proper even reflection of the light source.On this structure PH placed 72 copper “leaves” in twelve circular rows with six blades in each row.


IRANZU GUIJARROPH Artichoke. Poul Hennigsen

Iranzu GuijarroPH Lamp. Poul Henningsen.

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  1. There is once an American blogger on a danish website talking about his experience of life in Denmark (well mostly in Copenhagen), including this PH lamp thing. At beginning as foreigner you will feel «too homogeneous» if you also buy a PH lamp at home ( and also because they are usually pricy), but somehow eventually you will end up with buying one. They are really nice and cozy ( using the danish word «hyggelig», and it is one of the most talked word about Danmark and danish culture) , especially in the long dark winter day…

    • Hi Jing! Thank you for your little story….I haven’t got yet a PH Lamp at home…but If I stay living here, in Copenhagen, maybe I buy it! Heheheehhe! And If I stay in Finland, maybe Alvar Aalto Lamp…heheheh! The Amazing Nordic Design and designers. ;-)

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