A Fantastic Time with Animated GIFs by RRRRRRRROLL

Iranzu GuijarroRRRRRRRROLL Blog. GIFs pictures (Graphics Interchange Format)

The world is rolling, we are rolling through the world and why not! we can roll some details of our statics photos. It is nice when you can give life to a non life thing. The photos usually represent a memory, a particular moment but with this movement you can feel that something is happening now, in this present. The moment continues living. That’s great! No real time. A fantastic time.

Yatzer discover this anonymous japanese photo art blog called RRRRRRRROLL_GIF. Have a look!

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro

iranzu guijarro

iranzu guijarro


4 comentarios
  1. Conchi dijo:

    ¡Muy bueno!. Da una sensación de realidad aunque inquieta su movimiento.

    • Si es verdad…a mí lo que más me gusta es que la foto sigue viva! no está parada en el tiempo…

  2. This particular posting, “A Fantastic Time with Animated
    GIFs by RRRRRRRROLL WAY TO GO” ended up being excellent.
    I am creating out a duplicate to present my personal colleagues.

    Thank you,Francesco

    • Thanks Francesco!
      It is nice hearing your words! I think that the name RRRRRRRRROLL is totally adequate with Animates GIFs! Heheheheee!
      If you want you can follow my blog and be updated…My blog is very personal blog, I like to write and intriduce very curious things.



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