ARCTIPS, Sound of silence. Modern Finnish Design.

Arctips Shoes Finland

Arctips Shoes Finland

This February, I met with my friend Heidi Korva in Helsinki. She wore this Arctips wool boots. That day was a cold day (-6º), I remembered perfectly watching her boots and thinking… I want one of this. Heidi started telling me a lot of stories from her childhood with this boots and I got very curious to know more about them. Here you have some info.

ARCTIPS is a new innovation brand from Töysän kenkätehdas (Töysä shoe factory) situated in Töysä, Finland. The factory was founded in 1932 and you can see from its website the photos of the other shoe designs that it makes. They are all very traditional Finnish shoes, most of them produced right from the birth of the factory. In Töysä, they still use very traditional methods, every shoe is hand made. They are able to make only about 40 pairs of Arctips per day. This gives you a good picture of the quality and time put to the production.

ARCTIPS is a combination of two traditional Finnish shoes: huopikas and lapikas. The shape of the boot comes from lapikas (especially the “funny” tip of the shoe) and the material from huopikas (the material is originally wool, in Arctips it’s the best quality, merino wool – from South Africa). This is the first time ever someone put huopikas and lapikas together. So far, there is only this one model of ARCTIPS but in several colours. Next year there will be more of them.

ARCTIPS Shoes Finland

Heidi, I know your family is coming from the north north of Finland. As many finnish, you move to south of the country, near Helsinki, What kind of differences can you appreciate in clothing?  Yes I’m from Lapland and Arctips shoes for me are indeed a way to present my roots. although traditional lapikas shoes have been worn all over Finland (even in the Southern Finland), many Finns associate them to be traditional Lappish shoes. What’s your favorite clothes for this winter? Jeans, warm pullover and a cardigan. And Arctips shoes as they are very easy to wear AND EXTREMELY WARM! I’m a good example of an average Finn, I like to dress functionally, specially in winter. So no mini skirts – or skirts at all! – when it’s -10 degrees. Shoes are extremely important to me, specially in winter.

It is curious and funny design, very particular and nordic shape. What do you think if ARCTIPS start selling in Spain or Italy? Are you thinking to launch the brand internationally? Hopefully Arctips will be available online also in English next autumn. And of course if somebody would like to sell them at his/her store in Spain or Italy or where ever, that would be possible. What comes to this traditional model, tell me, is it too exotic for Spaniards? There will be more models next winter, more feminine ones and more urban ones too.

Photographer: Jean Noel Viltrad

Winter in Lappi by Merou (Jean Noel Viltard)ARCTIPS Shoes Finland




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