Electroacoustic. Black Box, Helsinki Musiikkitalo

Last concert in Helsinki Musiikkitalo, Black Box, I was around electronic music, acousmatic music, loudspeakers system, one sound mixer and my imagination. The performer was in the middle of the room playing with the mixer a carefully selected combination of loudspeakers, electroacoustic music by laptop and the movement of sound. On the  other hand, the audience was looking and listening to loudspeakers very focused on emotions and flying with the imagination. It was great to speak with Tuomas about our feelings after one piece, we felt totally different and our narrative creation was amazingly different.

Electroacoustic diffusion, diffusion as performance, is an electric sound production into compositional practice. Acousmatic music is a form of electroacoustic music that is specifically composed for loudspeaker presentation and with small pieces of sonorities derived from musical instruments, voice, electronically generated sound, processed sound recordings, and field recordings.

The works performed last friday were all stereo pieces, fixed by those composers, Bernard Parmegiani, Gilles Gobeil, Manuella Blackburn, Robert Normandeau, Francis Dhomont etc. This night also, we enjoyed Johannes Ylipää sound composition and his performance. This young finnish sound engineer who is specializing in electroacoustic composition and gestural controller, presented his autobiographical work comprise all the things he loved so far: symmetric interval stacks, self-similar sound structures, just and equal temperament…All imposed onto a puristic use of only a sine wave and white noise as sources.

Here you have one piece by Bernard Parmegiani, Capture Éphémère (1967).

Electroacoustic Concert. Helsinki Musiikkitalo.

electroacoustic Concert. Musiikkitalo Helsinki

Electroacoustic Concert. Musiikkitalo Helsinki.



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