Arkadia International Bookshop Helsinki, a small treasure of life.

Arkadia international bookstore

ARKADIA INTERNATIONAL BOOKSHOP, HELSINKI. As I titled my post “A small treasure of life” this marvellous spot of Helsinki City is like my favorite corner of nice sun on my town beach in Basque Country. Pure environment, around beautiful things, in this case, books, music and people, and feeling comfortable. Ian and Liisa Bourgeot, owners of this space, are very kind and they know how to create this habitat. My friends Alejandro and Jose when I arrived at Helsinki, they advised me to come here. Only they needed to hear from me “Where I can find a culture/curious events in Helsinki?”. immediately both of them said “Iran, you have to know Arkadia”.

Arkadia is a large second-hand bookshop, full of vitality, they celebrate almost everyday something interesting such as poetry with paints, art exhibitions, lectures, international films, music concerts and fans of philosophy, poetry, literature meet there as a meeting space. Wonderful place in Töölö neighbourhood of Helsinki.

If you are living in Helsinki or you are visiting Helsinki, you cannot lost this experience!!!

Address: Nervanderinkatu 11 (view map) , Helsinki.
Opening Hours:  Tuesday–Friday 12.00–19.00, Saturday 10.00–18.00, Closed on Mondays and Sundays.

arkadia International bookstore, Helsinkiarkadia International bookstore, Helsinki

arkadia International bookstore, Helsinki


2 comentarios
  1. Amaia Guijarro dijo:

    I will visit it next time I go to Helsinki. Thanks!


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