My muses Ani Difranco, PJ Harvey, Cat Power, M.I.A & Coco Rosie.

L I S T E N   T O  T H I S ! ! !

1. ANI DIFRANCO Already 20 albums. She is a poet, guitarist and singer. In 2001, when I was in University my friend and classmate, Joseba, presented to me Ani Difranco’s Cd. This Cd was very special issue cause it was a personal music mix made for his brother. Listen to this magnificent song, 32 flavors.


2. PJ HARVEY My partner many many times. I like to sing with her when I am driving. I recommend you these 3 cd’s of her, Rid of me (1993), Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea (2000), my favorite one and her last CD, Let England Shake (2012).


3. CAT POWER I don’t know anything about cats but yes, about feeling power in my body when someone is giving me good energy. Listen to this 2 songs. A pleasure!


4. M.I.A Aggressive beautiful singer and composer. I saw her in Sonar 2011, I didn’t understand her show and songs…but now after her collaboration with Romain Gavras filmmaker…I saw her different. This song Bad Girls, It’s my favorite!


5. Coco Rosie. Curious voice and sounds in their songs. Special icelandic music band. I am not going to forget my car trip with my austrian friend listening to Coco Rosie and Sigur Ros. I love this song!

L I S T E N  T O  T H I S ! ! !



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