Identify with Loreak Mendian, Basque Fashion Design.

Loreak Mendian & Iranzu Guijarro

I participated in Loreak Mendian organized photography championship. Bilbao 2009.

SURFING. ROOTS. ART & MUSIC. Loreak Mendian.

Identification. Feel identified. Be identified. Identification term refers to behavior, skills, beliefs and history of the individual in a self-consistent picture.

Loreak Mendian designs and believes coincide with mines. Surfing is not my favorite sport, but yes to be near of our sea. Be aware of your roots is a good way to continue living. Love culture is amazing start of enjoying life and sharing your experience with others. Loreak Mendian fashion and graphic design brand use to living like this. Looking their designs and their collaborations with others designers, artists and traditional basque business, everyone can feel how Loreak Mendian team have fun doing what they like. It is nice when you can transform your passions into your daily life. Now I’m living in Helsinki, and in my wardrobe I have several t-shirts, skirts and dresses of Loreak Mendian.. It sound strange, but I feel at home when I wear them! hahahahaha!

LOREAK MENDIAN: SS2013 Collection.

Here you can listen to Xabier Zirikiain, one of the creative and started of Loreak Mendian!

loreak mendian

loreak mendian


loreak median

2 comentarios
  1. Ainara dijo:

    Nik ere berdin sentitzen naiz Loreak Mendian-eko erropa erabiltzen dudanean eta gainera oso gustuko dut!! I feel the same!!!

  2. itxas162 dijo:

    Su ropa es tan bonita como su nombre “Loreak Mendian”


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