The Journey of Sebastian Errazuriz

Walking the fine line between art and design, Sebastian Errazuriz. Chilean born, New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz was raised in London; took art classes in Washington, film courses in Edinburgh, and a design degree in Santiago. He later received his Master’s in Fine Arts from New York University. He currently lives and works in NY with parallel workshops in Santiago.

Some of his design and art pieces.

Tree table. This artwork questions the historic paradigm of using wooden boards to create a table. It proposes that no matter how beautiful or sophisticated our designs might be, the shapes we find in nature are often more mysterious and intriguing. In a simple act, Sebastian Errazuriz lays a tree horizontally, laser-cuts its branches to height, and places a glass on top.


Boat Coffin was created to allow the user to take a voyage to the next world. It allows the “sailor” to say goodbye to his people on shore, and then go off on his own into deep seas and open skies, in a custom reminiscent of the funeral traditions of Egyptians and Vikings. The Boat Coffin has a functional motor and a plug on its side so the user can let the water sink the boat once he/she is ready to go.sebastianerrazuriz



sebastian errazuriz

SEbastian Errazuriz

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  1. Ainara dijo:

    Curioso y original!!! Me imaginaba que era chileno, es apellido vasco, pero solo lo he escuchado en Chile, jeje!!

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