Fantastic Helsinki African Film Festival

Helsinki African Film Festival

Last weekend I had the chance to watch some african films thanks to the good job of Helsinki African Film Festival team. It is nice to enjoy this festival cause they always choose cute and small cinemas of Helsinki city like this year Kino Engel and Andorra. It is a pleasure to watch films in this kind of old auditoriums, you breath something special….overculture, overknowlegde, overexperiences, over…

I want to recommend you some films I watched.

NAIROBI HALF LIFE. Director: David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga

The director told us that “Half life” means that Nairobi, the city, is divided in 2 parts, poor life and rich life, he wanted to underline some problems and realities of his city. And how is the dairy life of people from Nairobi. Emotional film in different senses…laugh, cry and fight.

RESTELESS CITY. Director: Andrew Dosunmu

SONS OF CLOUDS: THE LAST COLONY. Director: Álvaro Longoria

This documentary explains in a very good and clear way the history and conflict of Saharawi community. Thanks to my friend Jose M. Sanchez and his team of saharawi association of Helsinki, I had the opportunity to watch this film.

And finishing my post…I would like to show you the opening titles of the festival made by Kinetic Pixel company and music by Sergio Andrés Castrillon Arcila Well done! I helped in the production and my smile and hands appeared silently.

Restless-City-Helsinki African Film Festival

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  1. Conchi dijo:

    Donde yo vivo no llegan o son pocas las películas que proceden de otros continentes, que no sean, América o Europa. Espero al menos ver el documental de Javier Barden. Gracias por mostrar otras realidades.


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