Minimal Wave NY by Veronica Vasicka in Helsinki.

Veronica Vasicka. Helsinki 2013

WOW! big party yesterday in K A I K U club in Helsinki City!! 

After a good session of electronic music mixed with Italo disco by Sami Suova & Kristina Männikkö, Veronica Vasicka arrived with a huge strength…hard beats, minimal rhythm and with a good synthesizer.

Veronica Vasicka was born and raised in NYC. She was a founding member of East Village Radio. In 2005, she launched the Minimal Wave label and has been focusing on that ever since. Specializing in obscure electronic gems, she loves old new wave, italo and house music.

“When I was a teenager my older brother had some cassette tapes so that’s how I first heard new wave music. There was also a radio station that I listened to, and I would make my own mix tapes from the radio. I was 12 years old when I started doing that. I also had a Casio SK1, a sampling keyboard, which was really influential for me.” said Veronica to Tobias Eliasson in his interview. I remember doing the same with my father music, cassette vs cassette.

She aims to bring rare recordings to the public via the Minimal Wave label. She released 80:s music from different people, from different countries. She gets in contact with them and then, it starts the whole process of releasing it! Lots of the artist get surprised!

Veronica Vasicka

veronica Vasicka


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