Secondhand and urban culture. Siivouspäivä, Helsinki 2013.

Siivouspäivä, Helsinki 2013

What you don’t want, I’m sure! someone wants.

Siivouspäivä, cleaning day in Helsinki, 2013. Every year, twice per year, Siivouspäivä is celebrated in Helsinki. It’s a new thing as a city activity but very very popular. I loved the urban culture and the concept of the whole happening. It is a giant secondhand market where anyone can sell or give away their old things and the ones they are not using in anywhere of the city, just down your house. Taking part in this kind of city-activities you can integrate easier into Finnish society, you can observe how people buy, how people think and how people socialize. The great thing is that here you can always find something special, something vintage and something very very personal. I love it! This year my friends, Sara and Tero, participated and I was helping them… and why not, we introduced a very typical spanish shout in makets: «Me las quitan de las manos, señores»,» ¡A cuanto tiene el kilo de manzanas, señora!» hahahaa! We enjoyed a lot…a bit cold but nice feelings! Yess!

On Saturday, I found this big sueter with beautiful colors and soft texture…my friends also tried it. Nice stuff in an innocent place.

IMG-20130901-WA0009-1-1 Siivouspäivä Helsinki 2013

Helsinki, Siivouspäivä. 2013.

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