Looking for a job in Helsinki.

Iranzu Guijarro looking for a job.FROM PASSION TO PRODUCTION
Brain & Heart. Iranzu Guijarro.

After graduating in business administration, doing my first internship and my first safe job, I stopped to hear my emotions. I took time to sit down and reflect. Time to experiment fresh air, new connections (London, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Denmark, Finland…) and develop my creative thinking. In recent years, I can play the hybrid role: Business + Creativity.

Observation and research are important skills.That’s why, I collect articles, pictures, movies, music, visit museums and know more about the curiosities of different neighbourhood. The interaction between culture and society update me. And in that way, I can be ready for designing new services, being part of a creative process of one brand, company or start up and making new connections to convert concepts into a product or service.

My way of working is participating in projects//brands where I can use both the language of business and my creativity. As I did in Coincidencias Refresh thinking Consultancy, Bakiosound Music Festival, Goola* Selection Of Quality Food, Design in Society, Dance of innocence, Impact Stories in Hub Helsinki… I like to be a creative entrepreneur. I have worked as a business coordinator as well as in marketing areas or hosting artists. I enjoy listening and talking to diverse people and I’m good at making mental connections which build up new ideas and inspire people who I am working with.
I live in Helsinki with my Finnish boyfriend, I would like to continue learning and developing my professional skills here in Finland. Starting a new internship or working as a junior can be an interesting opportunity. If you have a project which I can fit well, please get in contact with me! Everything is welcome!

Have a look to my CV in .pdf: IRANZU GUIJARRO CV

Thank you and kind regards,

Iranzu Guijarro

FUCK SKATEBOARDING STORE in Bilbao. Jarabo & Juan Pablo.

FUCK SKATEBOARDING STORE in Bilbao. Jarabo & Juan Pablo.

Cv Iranzu Guijarro

Belaza Gallery Bilbao, Lore Arenillas

Belaza Gallery Bilbao, Lore Arenillas

CV Iranzu Guijarro

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  1. itxas162 dijo:

    You can. Best wishes for you.


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