*DESIGN IN SOCIETY* BILBAO. Interview with Cris from Serie B, Fashion Shop by Iranzu Guijarro.

Design in Society, Serie B. Iranzu Guijarro

1st Interview: Cris from Serie B, Fashion Shop. Bilbao.

Cris mix fashion and music. She is a music lover + she likes beautiful fashion designs. In spring-summer time, sometimes in autumn, every Thursday, you can enjoy outside the shop window a concert. Urban concept very related with the fashion designers that she is trying to introduce in Bilbao. Her opinion about the whole architecture and design show inside Bilbao is positive. She really thinks that in a near future the Guggenheim effects can influence in this society, bringing us new ways of thinking, consuming and dressing.

In this video, you can hear her thoughts about the effects. (In Spanish)

Filmmaker: Jon Aspuru, www.jonaspuru.com


2 comentarios
  1. Conchi dijo:

    Well done!


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