Henrik Vibskov, ACNE and MAKIA. Scandinavian Fashion Design.


ACNE SPRING 2014. photo by Victoria Will, Vogue.

1. ACNE, Swedish Fashion Design.

Ambition to Create Novel Expressions is the full name of this fashion brand. Jonny Johasson, the creative director of ACNE, in 1996 innocently started designing jeans for his friends and family. After one year, ACNE denim rush was on. For Johansson and his creative team, everything is experimenting, not only in fashion design but also in furniture design, making collaborations with another fashion brands, etc. Here you can watch ACNE last collection.

ACNE Spring 2014. photo by Victoria Will

ACNE Spring 2014. photo by Victoria Will

2. HENRIK VIBSKOV, Danish Fashion Design.

Henrik Vibskov in Copenhagen Fashion Show

Henrik Vibskov in Copenhagen Fashion Show

Experimental artist, designer and musician. Henrik likes to impress with his fashion show and catwalk. The art and the music are always following his fashion pieces. I love his aggressive enjoyment of the combination between different materials, textures and colors. Last year, Vibskov was in some fashion conferences in Helsinki. After listen to him, I can tell you that his personality is totally capture in his designs. Funny and realistic man.

HENRIK VIBSKOV SS 2014. Copenhagen

HENRIK VIBSKOV SS 2014. Copenhagen

3. MAKIA, Finnish Fashion Design.


MAKIA F/ W 2013. Finland

MAKIA creative team went to the north of Finland, Sweden and Norway to get inspired and design this amazing collection. This Fall Winter resort 2013 of MAKIA is more than fashion design, you can feel nordic lifestyle, you can hear a soft whisper stories from people who lives there.  They traveled and met with authentic people. Everyone had something to say and to teach. In my opinion, the colors of their shirts and pullovers are taken from the traditional houses. Textures and materials are based on the variety of animals you can meet there. Well done!

Here you have MAKIA’s website for hearing the short stories of all people they have met. http://www.makiaclothing.com

North Norway.

North Norway.

MAKIA F/W 2013

MAKIA F/W 2013



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