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El guapo de Paco de Lucia. PHOTO/JOSE LUIS ROCA

El guapo de Paco de Lucia. PHOTO/JOSE LUIS ROCA

Today, on the 26th of February of 2014, Paco de Lucia guitarist has died. I would like to share with all of you one of his album called LUZIA. Many years trying to enjoy one of his concerts but always were sold out! Today as many days, I have been listening to him!

I’m in love with the art of this man. LISTEN TO THIS!

Maika Makovski Bilbao. Sala Azkena

MAIKA MAKOVSKI a great smiling musician girl! Piano, electric guitar, spectacular voice and a band. Last Friday I had the pleasure to watch and listen to her last music piece DESAPARECER. Powerful voice and talent girl on the scenario. She started playing the piano, singing and dancing at the same time, transmitting positive energy with her big smile. You could feel that she was totally relaxed and secure with her performance. The band that goes with Maika is amazing…three artistic boys with a nice voices and good quality of playing (bass, guitar and drums).

Maika Makovski Band. Bilbao. sala Azkena

L I S T E N    T O    T H I S ! ! !

Sounds of the city Documentary. Stina Lundvist and Sergio CastrillónSome weeks ago Cinemaissi Latin America Film Festival of Helsinki chose Sounds of The City Documentary directed by Stina Lundkvist, Swedish woman, and interpreted by Sergio Castrillón ,Colombian man. Great combination!!

Sound of the city documentary. Stina Lundvist and Sergio Castrillón.This March I met Sergio Castrillón in Arkadia International Bookshop in a poetic evening. Both of us, we were reciting some poems written by our friend Leonardo Sevilla. I remember Sergio with his Cello relaxed and smiling. When It was his turn, he started to recite mixing his sweet colombian accent with his improvised cello music, amazing! I can define Sergio as Contemporary Street Art Musician. He is an improvisation lover and he likes to collaborate with different people. He knows how to be in the street, around this society.

Sound of the city documentary. Stina Lundvist and Sergio Castrillón.Stina Lundkvist and Castrillón’s Documentary represents Sergio’s music project. At the end, it represents his way of thinking, his way of living and his way of understanding passions supported by Stina filming point of view. I love it! I want to share with you these 20 minutes of great thoughts and acts.

Sound of the city documentary. Stina Lundvist and Sergio Castrillón.Watch the documentary:

I want to share with you this amazing dancing video. I titled as «Dancing to the complexity of emptiness» because I have felt totally hypnotize with Sigur Rós song and I followed the complex movements of dancers. Great Choreography!

Sigur Rós – Valtari

Sigur Rós ‘Valtari’ Mystery Film Experiment: Valtari by Christian Larson
Written & Directed by Christian Larson. Choreography by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Cinematography by Mattias Montero, Costume Designer Lydia Kovacs, Produced by Noreen Khan.

wimme Saari & Tapani Rinne. Savoy Theater. Helsinki


Yesterday I was totally impressed about Sami contemporary and traditional singing. They covered the whole hall with birds, animals and north sounds performed by Wimme Saari + RinneRadio, a group of electro jazz. The beginning was hard for me. No music only Wimme voice making animals and birds sounds. After three songs, the performance started to have a new concept. His voice was accompanied by this electro jazz band compounded by Tapani Rinne who was breaking the classical sounds of the bass clarinet creating a new environment. Juuso Hannukainen introduced techno rhythms with his way of playing percussion and Matti Wallenius gave us amazing perform with his different guitars. With last songs, my body and my feet were ready for dancing. Ready for partying. I had same feelings in Sonar Electronic Music Festival.

Their last CD, called SOABBI, is going to be out in some weeks. Very recommended! Yesterday, I bought it in the theater.

wimme Saari & Tapani Rinne. Savoy teatteri. Helsinki


Last weekend in Bakio, my summer town, was celebrated the 6th edition of BAKIOSOUND Music Festival. This is my fifth year taking part as member in our cultural association «Guretxoko Musikarte». Today, after 2 days of the event, I can tell that I’m really happy with the result of this BAKIOSOUND 2013. Good music. Good people and Good energy.

The night was warm and beautiful. The sound of Dr. Baltz between concert and concert gave the perfect enviroment for short dancings. ANARI KOKOSHCA EDUCADOSVIOLETA VILWE LOVE DOLCE VITAILBET LAU HARE ALEFERNANDO CARVALHO – LOCALS ONLY the nine shows sent out a big light of sounds transform in good energy and vibrations. NON STOP.

Here, in this video, you can watch what happened during the event. Yeahhh!


Captura de pantalla 2013-07-29 a las 15.15.40




WLDV- We Love Dolce Vita


Dr. Baltz



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