KAUFMANN HOUSE, Palm Spring, CA 1947. Architect: Richard Neutra. © J. Paul Getty Trust

KAUFMANN HOUSE, Palm Spring, CA 1947. Architect: Richard Neutra. © J. Paul Getty Trust

After watching twice Visual Acoustics: The Modernism Of Julius Shulman, a documentary about his career and life as an architectural photographer, I would recommend totally this film and again I got surprisingly satisfied of his great simple beauty of mid 20th. century architecture and furniture designs. Lines, angles and different textures + the black & white contrast of his pictures.

Julius Shulman is renowned for some of the most iconic photographs in architectural history. His images seem to reveal the essence of an architect’s vision and capture the spirit of the eras in which they were produced. His distinctive camera angles produced portraits of hundreds of modern structures beyond Los Angeles. He has helped define Modernism for the general public through his photos.

Framing the California Lifestyle. Julius Shulman’s photographs of Southern California’s inventive modern homes promoted the careers of numerous visionary architects including Richard Neutra, John Lautner, and Pierre Koenig. Mid-20th-century homes come alive through Shulman’s compositions of carefully posed models set against streamlined furnishings and breathtaking vistas. Here you have some photo examples.

Julius Schulman photograp

CASE STUDY HOUSE, Los Angeles CA. 1960. Architect: Pierre Koening. © J. Paul Getty Trust

CASE STUDY HOUSE, Los Angeles CA. 1960. Architect: Pierre Koening. © J. Paul Getty Trust

Julius Schulman photograp

Julius Schulman photograp

Julius Schulman photographer

HILO- Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok

HILO- Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok

After living the whole Autumn and a part of Winter in Helsinki without watching snow and not feeling cold, now I am obsessed with white things. “The Witness in the White pieces” title reflects the feelings of my way of being some years ago.  Marre Moerel last Ceramic Project, called – HILO- has transmitted something special, when Francisco Polo, the design curator from We*Do Gallery Bangkok, sent me the essence & pictures of Moerel Designer artworks, I felt very identify with these conceptual vases. The simplicity and silence of the body combines really well with the noise of the ceramic threads. I love to feel peaceful inside me and noisy-fighter outside. I like when I connect easily with an artwork. I recommend to have a look to Marre Moerel & We*Do Gallery webs. I’m sure, you are going to have a nice moment! ;-)

Francisco Polo, thanks for sharing with me your collaboration with Marre Moerel Designs. Of course, the best is to have the chance to touch and see the real artwork.

HILO - Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok.

HILO – Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok.

HILO Ceramic Project- Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok.

HILO Ceramic Project- Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok.


Walking the fine line between art and design, Sebastian Errazuriz. Chilean born, New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz was raised in London; took art classes in Washington, film courses in Edinburgh, and a design degree in Santiago. He later received his Master’s in Fine Arts from New York University. He currently lives and works in NY with parallel workshops in Santiago.

Some of his design and art pieces.

Tree table. This artwork questions the historic paradigm of using wooden boards to create a table. It proposes that no matter how beautiful or sophisticated our designs might be, the shapes we find in nature are often more mysterious and intriguing. In a simple act, Sebastian Errazuriz lays a tree horizontally, laser-cuts its branches to height, and places a glass on top.


Boat Coffin was created to allow the user to take a voyage to the next world. It allows the “sailor” to say goodbye to his people on shore, and then go off on his own into deep seas and open skies, in a custom reminiscent of the funeral traditions of Egyptians and Vikings. The Boat Coffin has a functional motor and a plug on its side so the user can let the water sink the boat once he/she is ready to go.sebastianerrazuriz



sebastian errazuriz

SEbastian Errazuriz

WEDO GALLERY_Botanica New textures. New materials. New works of art and design produced by plastics. We*Do Gallery announced their new exhibition, “Botanica Project”, with the Design Duo Formafantasma.

Andrea Trimarchi & Simone Farresin’s work explores the role of design in folk craft, the relationship between tradition and local culture, critical approaches to sustainability and the significance of objects as cultural conduits. Botanica Project is their personal homage to plastic materials by investigating the history of polymers.

The Botanica Project we*Do Gallery

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin are Studio Formafantasma – two Italian designers based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

We*Do Gallery Exhibition: The Botanica Project.

We*Do Gallery Exhibition: The Botanica Project.

Botanica Project was commissioned by Plart , an Italian foundation dedicated to scientific research and technological innovation in the recovery, restoration and conservation of works of art and design produced in plastic. Andrea & Simone discovered unexpected textures, feelings and technical possibilities offered by natural polymers extracted from plants or animal-derivatives. The designers experimented with making plastic from natural resins, rubbers, shellac, wood and animal products. Such as, Rosin, Dammar, Copal (a sub-fossil state of amber), Natural Rubber, Shellac (a polymer extracted from insect excrement that colonize trees) and Bois Durci (a 19th century material composed of wood dust and animal blood).

The natural textures and honey-like colours of the resins evoke the memory of 20th century bakelite objects, however, the finish and details are somewhat archaic yet contemporary.




Botanica Artworks will be Displayed at We*Do Gallery during the Exhibition period                  January to March 2013.

Iranzu GuijarroKindergarten Bizau. Architekt DI Bernado Bader. Austria.

Iranzu GuijarroMetzgerstüble Mellau. Architekt DI Bernardo Bader.

Iranzu GuijarroIsay Weinfeld. Fasano Boa Vista Hotel. Brazil.

Iranzu guijarroMiss OPO. Porto. portugal Shanna Jones Photography.

Iranzu GuijarroPsychiko House. Athens. Greece. Divercity Architect.

Iranzu GuijarroHundreds of events and activities across the city of London. Design brings London alive. First staged in 2003, nowadays, The London Design Festival is one of the world’s most important design event during ten days of festival of contemporary design. It is a showcase of some of the best creative ideas from the UK and around the world. Have started on 14.9 and finishes on 23.9. During this days, Art and Design galleries, parks, roads, everywhere…you can breathe design pieces. Last year, I’ve been there and the atmosphere of the city was amazing. I learnt a lot and I received a big fresh air. A Design Shock. You can enjoy workshops, talks and tour visits. Victoria and Albert Museum, the world’s greatest museum of art and design, V&A collaborate for 4 years with the festival. The museum has a role as a Hub of the design. You can enjoy the permanent exhibition with some news pieces of the festival. Huge visual structures outside the museum, big space for relaxing around paintings and designs in the middle of a huge room of the museum and here you can get the information of the different design districts through London.   See the video.THE LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL at the V&A

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu GuijarroRepublic of Fritz Hansen, Furniture Factory, Copenhagen.

FRITZ HANSEN started a Wood Furniture production company of his own in Copenhagen, 1872.  In the 30′, Fritz Hansen was a leader in Furniture created in laminate wood. His son, Christian E. Hansen, started experimenting with steam bending beench, new concept. Nowadays,Republic of Fritz Hansen invites a series of new designers to interpret the design philosophy of the actual company.

ARNE JACOBSEN (1902-1971), Arquitect and Designer. Bauhaus Movement.

IRANZU GUIJARROArne Jacobsen studied Arquitecture in Paris, 1924. Bauhaus movement was in the air. He totally dominates the fifties at Fritz Hansen. The collaboration started in 1934, when he creates the laminated ANT CHAIR. The Inspiration of the Ant came from Hvidt& Molggard’s AX- Series. Arne Jacobsen was and is  an admired and outstanding danish designer. His famous artworks in furniture design are ANT Chair, EGG, SWAM Chair and Sofa, Series 7 and Series 3300.

Iranzu GuijarroANT Chair Design, Arne Jacobsen.

Iranzu GuijarroSWAN Chair Design, Arne Jacobsen. Fifties.

Iranzu GuijarroEGG Chair Design. Arne Jacobsen.

POUL HENNINGSEN (1894-1967). PH. Designer and Writer.


He pretty well invented modern Danish living. His lamps Designs are mostly in every houses of Denmark. His designs are still in production today. His artworks are manufacuring by the company  Louis Poulsen. His famous masterpieces are PH Lamp: The lamp is designed with multiple concentric shades to eliminate visual glare, only emitting reflected light, obscuring the light source. PH Artichoke: a chrome inner diffuser also assists in the proper even reflection of the light source.On this structure PH placed 72 copper “leaves” in twelve circular rows with six blades in each row.


IRANZU GUIJARROPH Artichoke. Poul Hennigsen

Iranzu GuijarroPH Lamp. Poul Henningsen.

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