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Belaza Gallery Bilbao, Lore Arenillas

Belaza Gallery Bilbao, Lore Arenillas

3rd Interview with Lore Arenillas of BELAZA GALLERY, Bilbao.

Sensitive and nice dialogue with Lore about her opinion of Bilbao, Design effects into Bilbao’s society and brief stories about her experience in international fashion design markets such as Bread & Butter Berlin + BCN, London Trade shows and small underground markets. She is very happy that Bilbao has this curiosity in Design , architecture and art but she remarked how basque people are traditional and classical. In my opinion, this can be a good combination for a new era inside the city.

Here you can listen to her ideas and opinion.;-)

Lore Arenilla, Belaza Gallery. DESIGN IN SOCIETY. Bilabo

Lore Arenilla, Belaza Gallery. DESIGN IN SOCIETY. Bilbao.

Lore Arenillas, Belaza Gallery. Bilbao. DESIGN IN SOCIETY



2nd Interview: Jarabo and Juan Pablo from FUCK. Skateboarding and fashion store, Bilbao.

Juan Pablo and Jarabo, these two young and funny boys from Bilbao City, have been doing skate since many years. Their dream was to work in something related to skateboarding. I spoke with them about the concept of their store and how they watch Bilbao. FUCK is a small and cute store. Full of skate knowledge, practical skate tools such as a good shoes, beautiful boards or comfortable pants and a big sofa where clients and friends can sit down, chat and watch skate videos etc. together.  Jarabo and Juan Pablo are very social and open-minded boys. When I asked them about the whole transformation of Bilbao…They were happy, positive thinking and proud! They think that what it is happening in Bilbao is a natural step, from industrial city to design or service city. It is happening in many places. We compared Donostia with Bilbao – Donostia is France – they said. Donostia citizen have been very related to south french style. They defined Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz… as the California of South Europe. hahahahh! It is true! And here, you can find a lot of stylish and different turist people. Bilbao has been an industrial city and Donostia a service city. They are more advanced in this things!

Here you can listen to them.

Filmmaker: Jon Aspuru,

FUCK, Bilbao. DESIGN IN SOCIETY. Iranzu Guijarro.

FUCK, Bilbao. DESIGN IN SOCIETY. Iranzu Guijarro.

Design in Society, Serie B. Iranzu Guijarro

1st Interview: Cris from Serie B, Fashion Shop. Bilbao.

Cris mix fashion and music. She is a music lover + she likes beautiful fashion designs. In spring-summer time, sometimes in autumn, every Thursday, you can enjoy outside the shop window a concert. Urban concept very related with the fashion designers that she is trying to introduce in Bilbao. Her opinion about the whole architecture and design show inside Bilbao is positive. She really thinks that in a near future the Guggenheim effects can influence in this society, bringing us new ways of thinking, consuming and dressing.

In this video, you can hear her thoughts about the effects. (In Spanish)

Filmmaker: Jon Aspuru,


Iranzu Guijarro looking for a job.FROM PASSION TO PRODUCTION
Brain & Heart. Iranzu Guijarro.

After graduating in business administration, doing my first internship and my first safe job, I stopped to hear my emotions. I took time to sit down and reflect. Time to experiment fresh air, new connections (London, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Denmark, Finland…) and develop my creative thinking. In recent years, I can play the hybrid role: Business + Creativity.

Observation and research are important skills.That’s why, I collect articles, pictures, movies, music, visit museums and know more about the curiosities of different neighbourhood. The interaction between culture and society update me. And in that way, I can be ready for designing new services, being part of a creative process of one brand, company or start up and making new connections to convert concepts into a product or service.

My way of working is participating in projects//brands where I can use both the language of business and my creativity. As I did in Coincidencias Refresh thinking Consultancy, Bakiosound Music Festival, Goola* Selection Of Quality Food, Design in Society, Dance of innocence, Impact Stories in Hub Helsinki… I like to be a creative entrepreneur. I have worked as a business coordinator as well as in marketing areas or hosting artists. I enjoy listening and talking to diverse people and I’m good at making mental connections which build up new ideas and inspire people who I am working with.
I live in Helsinki with my Finnish boyfriend, I would like to continue learning and developing my professional skills here in Finland. Starting a new internship or working as a junior can be an interesting opportunity. If you have a project which I can fit well, please get in contact with me! Everything is welcome!

Have a look to my CV in .pdf: IRANZU GUIJARRO CV

Thank you and kind regards,

Iranzu Guijarro

FUCK SKATEBOARDING STORE in Bilbao. Jarabo & Juan Pablo.

FUCK SKATEBOARDING STORE in Bilbao. Jarabo & Juan Pablo.

Cv Iranzu Guijarro

Belaza Gallery Bilbao, Lore Arenillas

Belaza Gallery Bilbao, Lore Arenillas

CV Iranzu Guijarro


Last weekend in Bakio, my summer town, was celebrated the 6th edition of BAKIOSOUND Music Festival. This is my fifth year taking part as member in our cultural association “Guretxoko Musikarte”. Today, after 2 days of the event, I can tell that I’m really happy with the result of this BAKIOSOUND 2013. Good music. Good people and Good energy.

The night was warm and beautiful. The sound of Dr. Baltz between concert and concert gave the perfect enviroment for short dancings. ANARI KOKOSHCA EDUCADOSVIOLETA VILWE LOVE DOLCE VITAILBET LAU HARE ALEFERNANDO CARVALHO – LOCALS ONLY the nine shows sent out a big light of sounds transform in good energy and vibrations. NON STOP.

Here, in this video, you can watch what happened during the event. Yeahhh!


Captura de pantalla 2013-07-29 a las 15.15.40




WLDV- We Love Dolce Vita


Dr. Baltz



Veronica Vasicka. Helsinki 2013

WOW! big party yesterday in K A I K U club in Helsinki City!! 

After a good session of electronic music mixed with Italo disco by Sami Suova & Kristina Männikkö, Veronica Vasicka arrived with a huge strength…hard beats, minimal rhythm and with a good synthesizer.

Veronica Vasicka was born and raised in NYC. She was a founding member of East Village Radio. In 2005, she launched the Minimal Wave label and has been focusing on that ever since. Specializing in obscure electronic gems, she loves old new wave, italo and house music.

“When I was a teenager my older brother had some cassette tapes so that’s how I first heard new wave music. There was also a radio station that I listened to, and I would make my own mix tapes from the radio. I was 12 years old when I started doing that. I also had a Casio SK1, a sampling keyboard, which was really influential for me.” said Veronica to Tobias Eliasson in his interview. I remember doing the same with my father music, cassette vs cassette.

She aims to bring rare recordings to the public via the Minimal Wave label. She released 80:s music from different people, from different countries. She gets in contact with them and then, it starts the whole process of releasing it! Lots of the artist get surprised!

Veronica Vasicka

veronica Vasicka

Joseba Irazoki
– Joseba Irazoki y su gran canción “Le Bonheur est simple” – post escrito por Dr. Manhattan, Bilbao 2013.
Le Bonheur est simple
París….21 de enero de 1793….nada indica que así fuera, no conozco ningún sesudo ensayo, ni documental de la BBC que lo afirme, pero estas habrían podido ser las últimas palabras que al rey de Francia y de Navarra, le cruzaron por la mente antes de ser guillotinado por orden del pueblo enfurecido. Justo un segundo antes de dar comienzo a los dos siglos más sangrientos de la Historia de la humanidad, Luis XVI estaba pensando en la felicidad.
...Le Bonheur est simple….
Siglos sangrientos vinieron después, los que más. Con la peculiaridad de que, desde entonces toda la sangre vertida se ha “sacrificado”  en busca de algo que aun no sabemos ni definir adecuadamente con palabras. La Felicidad. La felicidad, como utopía, disfrazada de luchas, cambios sociales, paz mundial, paraisos mentales, planes quinquenales, soluciones finales, supremacías raciales, emergencias nacionales, supervivencias nacionales…pongan el nombre y apellido que ustedes quieran…ha habido felicidad para todo el mundo en solo 200 años. Al menos, la venta de la posibilidad de “ser feliz”. Mucha gente compró, lógicamente.
….Le Bonheur est simple…. La felicidad es simple. Es una buena idea! Al menos, es Idea a la que es dificil acusar de ostentar ningún resto de sangre en su curriculum. La misma sangre que han acostumbrado a reclamar en su nombre las grandes y complicadas Ideas de los últimos 200 años. Sangre derramada, siempre de la mano del sacrificio, en busca de la Felicidad……Pero, es posible, que la felicidad,sea esta lo que sea, no haya de ser algo tan complicado en sí misma.
Nos lo cuenta Joseba, no hace falta mucho….una mesa, una botella de vino, buena compañía , unas gallinas en el monte, un perro por el camino saludando con un ladrido…Simple, muy simple.
El ingenuo y permanente empeño de los seres humanos en querer alcanzar la Felicidad en su forma más compleja, es decir, aquella que se pretende para todo el mundo, sea, quizás, lo que requiera de la sangre sacrificada en la siniestra ecuación.
joseba Irazoki
….Le bonheur est simple… 
27 de Julio de 2013, está aun por llegar…..puede que nunca llegue, pero esta mañana me he enterado de que Joseba Irazoki está programado para el Bakiososund 2013 en esa misma fecha aun por llegar…. Me dicen que vendrá con la idea (en su caso particular las Ideas no le asustan a uno) de rememorar “Euria ari du” (Moonplace Records 2009), el gran trabajo que el oficialismo cultureta de la zona aun no ha sabido valorar en su justa medida. Sospecho, que ni se han enterado de su existencia.
De no ser porque mi identidad de Sr Bartleby jamás me lo pemitiría, me acercaría a Bakio, a escuchar qué más me puede contar Joseba sobre la lluvia, las preguntas, el miedo, Yemen, nuestro añorado Josetxo…pero, preferiría no hacerlo….Le Bonheur est simple…..simple…
Joseba Irazoki
Aquí teneis la canción de Joseba Irazoki…Le bonheur est simple…
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