wimme Saari & Tapani Rinne. Savoy Theater. Helsinki


Yesterday I was totally impressed about Sami contemporary and traditional singing. They covered the whole hall with birds, animals and north sounds performed by Wimme Saari + RinneRadio, a group of electro jazz. The beginning was hard for me. No music only Wimme voice making animals and birds sounds. After three songs, the performance started to have a new concept. His voice was accompanied by this electro jazz band compounded by Tapani Rinne who was breaking the classical sounds of the bass clarinet creating a new environment. Juuso Hannukainen introduced techno rhythms with his way of playing percussion and Matti Wallenius gave us amazing perform with his different guitars. With last songs, my body and my feet were ready for dancing. Ready for partying. I had same feelings in Sonar Electronic Music Festival.

Their last CD, called SOABBI, is going to be out in some weeks. Very recommended! Yesterday, I bought it in the theater.

wimme Saari & Tapani Rinne. Savoy teatteri. Helsinki


Iranzu Guijarro looking for a job.FROM PASSION TO PRODUCTION
Brain & Heart. Iranzu Guijarro.

After graduating in business administration, doing my first internship and my first safe job, I stopped to hear my emotions. I took time to sit down and reflect. Time to experiment fresh air, new connections (London, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Denmark, Finland…) and develop my creative thinking. In recent years, I can play the hybrid role: Business + Creativity.

Observation and research are important skills.That’s why, I collect articles, pictures, movies, music, visit museums and know more about the curiosities of different neighbourhood. The interaction between culture and society update me. And in that way, I can be ready for designing new services, being part of a creative process of one brand, company or start up and making new connections to convert concepts into a product or service.

My way of working is participating in projects//brands where I can use both the language of business and my creativity. As I did in Coincidencias Refresh thinking Consultancy, Bakiosound Music Festival, Goola* Selection Of Quality Food, Design in Society, Dance of innocence, Impact Stories in Hub Helsinki… I like to be a creative entrepreneur. I have worked as a business coordinator as well as in marketing areas or hosting artists. I enjoy listening and talking to diverse people and I’m good at making mental connections which build up new ideas and inspire people who I am working with.
I live in Helsinki with my Finnish boyfriend, I would like to continue learning and developing my professional skills here in Finland. Starting a new internship or working as a junior can be an interesting opportunity. If you have a project which I can fit well, please get in contact with me! Everything is welcome!

Have a look to my CV in .pdf: IRANZU GUIJARRO CV

Thank you and kind regards,

Iranzu Guijarro

FUCK SKATEBOARDING STORE in Bilbao. Jarabo & Juan Pablo.

FUCK SKATEBOARDING STORE in Bilbao. Jarabo & Juan Pablo.

Cv Iranzu Guijarro

Belaza Gallery Bilbao, Lore Arenillas

Belaza Gallery Bilbao, Lore Arenillas

CV Iranzu Guijarro

Puu Vallila, Helsinki

PUU VALLILA, HELSINKI. Puu is wood in suomi and Vallila is a beautiful neighborhood of Helsinki.

In 3 weeks I’m going to start living in this part of the city.  It’s great when big cities has this peace and wooden houses community. In Bilbao we have something similar that is called Ciudad Jardin (City Garden in English) Hahahah! I have a very good friends living there and these last years we have been enjoying barbecues and music parties…Now, Helsinki offers to me this opportunity! Spontaneous connections.

Girls you are welcome!

Puu Vallila, Helsinki

Puu Vallila, Helsinki

Puu Vallila, Helsinki

Puu Vallila, Helsinki

Puu Vallila, Helsinki

MARVIS, contemporany toothpaste. Helsinki Fashion Weekened

Helsinki Fashion Weekend 2013, last weekend between Musiikkitalo and Kiasma, modern art museum of Helsinki was full of fashion bloggers, fashion designers and fashion brands. Here I discovered MARVIS, an Italian luxury toothpaste brand well connected with fashion movement. MARVIS has revolutionized the concept of the toothpaste, I can tell you that it is true. The flavour is intensive but soft. The aroma is delicious and fresh, you want to eat it. And what I like it most, it is the design and the art of the packaging…The whole branding is an artwork. Modern & Extraordinary. A simple daily gesture into a moment of pure pleasure. These days I have been trying different tastes + the mint mouthwash. NICE! Well done! I recommend you to try it!

Look! this is the current collection:

MArvis, contemporary toothpaste. Helisnki Fashion Weekend

MARVIS, Contemporary Toothpaste. Helsinki Fashion Weekend





Siivouspäivä, Helsinki 2013

What you don’t want, I’m sure! someone wants.

Siivouspäivä, cleaning day in Helsinki, 2013. Every year, twice per year, Siivouspäivä is celebrated in Helsinki. It’s a new thing as a city activity but very very popular. I loved the urban culture and the concept of the whole happening. It is a giant secondhand market where anyone can sell or give away their old things and the ones they are not using in anywhere of the city, just down your house. Taking part in this kind of city-activities you can integrate easier into Finnish society, you can observe how people buy, how people think and how people socialize. The great thing is that here you can always find something special, something vintage and something very very personal. I love it! This year my friends, Sara and Tero, participated and I was helping them… and why not, we introduced a very typical spanish shout in makets: “Me las quitan de las manos, señores”,” ¡A cuanto tiene el kilo de manzanas, señora!” hahahaa! We enjoyed a lot…a bit cold but nice feelings! Yess!

On Saturday, I found this big sueter with beautiful colors and soft texture…my friends also tried it. Nice stuff in an innocent place.

IMG-20130901-WA0009-1-1 Siivouspäivä Helsinki 2013

Helsinki, Siivouspäivä. 2013.

Monotype Wind factory. Zamuel Hube

“Monotype Wind factory”, Tuulitehtaat. ZAMUEL HUBE 2013. Oil paintings on canvas.

The “Tuulitehtaat” (Wind Factory in english) exhibition at Gallery Art FRIDA in Helsinki (17.8-5.9.2013, Korkeavuorenkatu 25, Helsinki) features the work of Zamuel Hube, the Helsinki based painter from Pori. Zamuel is a lover and inventor of Ship-houses that produce wind with its different movements of the sails. Last monday, after visiting FRIDA Gallery, I had the opportunity to meet  Zamuel Hube in his small and cute studio. We talked about many things but what I would like to underline is his way of imagining and acting. “When you have something new, you get excited. And I start immediately to paint” he said. “The excitement of the first idea gives energy and life to the painting. As a viewer, you can feel this moment”. I totally agree about his words, I got very surprised when I saw the wind inventors, the mix of colors of the skies and seas… I mean, I can tell you that the whole painting is a fantasy story full of wind and movement.

Zamuel Hube’s paintings open your mind to the imagination. In his last exhibition, Tuulitehtaat, Zamuel adds small texts to his artworks as a help to understand better the function of the inventions and to approach the audience to the meaning of the artwork. hahahhaha! I laugh a lot when I heard this, because when you are reading the text you get block and you get more surprised about the painting instead of understanding better the whole story. hahahaha! Crazy and beautiful moment. Hyvää Zamuel, Nice to meet you!

Here you have a small example of Tuulitetaat and his website

"Before the Storm, Tuulitehtaat. Zamuel Hube 2013. Oli paintings on canvas.

“Before the Storm, Tuulitehtaat. ZAMUEL HUBE 2013. Oli paintings on canvas.

"Wheel Drive", Tuulitehtaat. ZAMUEL HUBE 2013. Oil paintings on canvas.

“Wheel Drive”, Tuulitehtaat. ZAMUEL HUBE 2013. Oil paintings on canvas.

"Last monents at Wind factory", Tuulitehtaat. ZAMUEL HUBE 2013.

“Last monents at Wind factory”, Tuulitehtaat. ZAMUEL HUBE 2013.

"Producer of the small wind blow", Tuulitehtaat. ZAMUEL HUBE 2013. Oil painting on canvas.

“Producer of the small wind blow”, Tuulitehtaat. ZAMUEL HUBE 2013. Oil painting on canvas.

"Wind factory", Tuulitehtaat. ZAMUE HUBE 2013.

“Wind factory”, Tuulitehtaat. ZAMUE HUBE 2013. Oil paintings on canvas.

Ullanlinna district, Helsinki

ULLANLINNA DISTRICT.  The southern-most city district of Helsinki, in Finland. Here is where I’m going to live till the end of September. It’s a nice and calm neighbourhood, surrounded by parks and sea. And friends. ;-)

Ullanlinna district, Hesinki

Ullanlinna District, Helsinki DSC00623 DSC00612 DSC00630 DSC00626

Ullanlinna District, helsinki

Ullanlinna District, Helsinki

Ullanlinna, at home.

Ullanlinna District, Helsinki

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