Iranzu Guijarro

For projects, collaborations, or just get in touch, please email!           

Phone: +358 442 22 08 44 (Finland) ; +34 656 79 08 32 (Spain)                                                              

WAY TO GO *Art&Design*. When I started my blog in January of 2012, I had no idea the new habit I have nowadays. Everyday I discover a new interesting stories, paints, concepts and ways of thinking…When I get impressed and shocked about one artwork, immediately, I research more about the artist, designer, philosopher etc. and write. My blog is another way to communicate my curiosity and why not, to be updated. It is a big Fresh Eye heart made in Bilbao and Helsinki.

Till now, my favorite section of my blog is to meet with designers&artists and interview them. I enjoy a lot socializing and speaking about their way of creating. Handmade/brain made/heart made. the name is «En conversación con…«(«In conversation with…»).

This second year, I’m thinking in adding a new project, audiovisual interviews of people who are into fashion, architecture, social art and performances. I want to analyze how their point of view provoke something in the society. I want to start with a new section called “Design In Society“. Let’s see what happen…

If you still want to read and see my curiosities of art and design…you can read and follow my blog. I want to keep myself dreaming and researching in fashion, architecture, social art, performances, having conversations and fun.


Iranzu Guijarro

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  1. Conchi dijo:

    Me gusta descubrir la creatividad que hay por el mundo a través de Iranzu

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