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Aybar Gallery

Aybar Gallery is the new project of Francisco Polo, design curator & Markus Herchet, interior architect will open its doors  in Miami Beach on the 3rd of December together with Art Basel Miami. A boom of exclusive limited edition furniture and objects d’art will show there for you designs by Formafantasma studioMarre Moerel and Richard Hutten. Luxury touch of design!

Aybar_News Design Miami 2015

Polo & Herchet have changed their direction, from some years managing We*Do Gallery in Bangkok to this new start in Aybar Gallery in Miami. From Contemporary furniture shop moving luxury brands such as B&B Italia, Moroso, Cappellini etc. to unique and limited edition works collaborating directly with the designers on site-specific projects plus interior design solutions. The long career in design of these two men bring to Miami a fresh show and adventure.

Aybar Gallery, Miami

Aybar Gallery, The conceptual space is a museum-quality furniture and objects  from  the  most  acclaimed & influential designers which attract to the highest level of private collectors and customers. The Limited Editions and Unique Pieces include furniture, carpets, lamps, vases, original prototypes and rare objects which are exclusively showcased and for sale in Miami through Aybar Gallery.

Everything is Design!

Aybar Gallery, Miami. Formafantasma


HILO- Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok

HILO- Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok

After living the whole Autumn and a part of Winter in Helsinki without watching snow and not feeling cold, now I am obsessed with white things. «The Witness in the White pieces» title reflects the feelings of my way of being some years ago.  Marre Moerel last Ceramic Project, called – HILO- has transmitted something special, when Francisco Polo, the design curator from We*Do Gallery Bangkok, sent me the essence & pictures of Moerel Designer artworks, I felt very identify with these conceptual vases. The simplicity and silence of the body combines really well with the noise of the ceramic threads. I love to feel peaceful inside me and noisy-fighter outside. I like when I connect easily with an artwork. I recommend to have a look to Marre Moerel & We*Do Gallery webs. I’m sure, you are going to have a nice moment! ;-)

Francisco Polo, thanks for sharing with me your collaboration with Marre Moerel Designs. Of course, the best is to have the chance to touch and see the real artwork.

HILO - Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok.

HILO – Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok.

HILO Ceramic Project- Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok.

HILO Ceramic Project- Marre Moerel Designs & We*Do Gallery Bangkok.


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