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Iranzu guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro

Two weeks ago, Helsinki citizen enjoyed during 10-12 of May this marvellous festival. PIXELACHE HELSINKI 2012 is a series of happenings for people who do creative things using technology, using internet, experimental art, video, activism. It is directed to people who don’t identify themself as artist, they use to identify as makers, hackers, activist. There are a lot of unknow good projects around the world, Pixelache want to create this forum and offer the opportunity. Pixelache Helsinki (‘Pikseliähky’) was organised since year 2002. The festival programme consists of seminars, workshops, exhibitions, performances, concerts and club events, electronic art and subcultures.

This year Pixelache 2012 focused in DO IT WITH OTHERS. Of course there is an individual working, but in Pixelache 2012 they want to bring this idea of comunal working. Vinay Gupta, one of the participant this year, he answered to Anna-Sofia Joro journalist, about the meaning of this words: DO IT WITH OTHERS, and he said «To me, that’s the perfect image of cooperation, nobody is working too hard, if somebody has to let go suddenly nothing changes because 29 are almost as strong as 30, and everybody is safe and not straining. That’s how I’d like us to do the world!»

Iranzu Guijarro


Pixelache Network is an informally organised network of electronic art festivals. The network is coordinated by Pixelache Helsinki. The current members of Pixelache Network are: Pixelache / Helsinki (since 2002), Piksel / Bergen (since 2003), Pixelvärk / Stockholm (since 2004), Mal au Pixel / Paris (since 2006), Pixelazo / Santa Marta, Colombia (since 2007), Afropixel / Dakar, Senegal (since 2008), Pikslaverk / Reykjavik (since 2008), PixelİST / Istanbul (since 2009).

Iranzu Guijarro

Here you can see and listen to different artworks and Ville Hyvönen interview (he is the chairman of the board of experts which is behind the Pixelache festival).

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