Kokoro & Moi, World Design Capital Helsinki, Visual Identity Design.


Iranzu guijarro

kokoromoi.com is the creative agency which design the branding of World Design Capital Helsinki. Kokoro & Moi was founded in 2001 by designers Teemu Suviala and Antti Hinkula. The World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 visual identity is built around the idea of openness. Citizens are taken to the center of design and problem solving to develop ideas and solutions further. The brand identity features hundreds of graphic interpretations of the main themes (Open Helsinki – Embedding Design in Life, Global Responsibility, and Roots for New Growth), designed in Open Identity. OPEN HELSINKI. Kokoro & Moi has continued with World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 developing the Open Identity concept, visual identity, communication design, advertising and several other design projects from product to spatial and interactive design.

AESTHETIC: Colourful: Neutral and Nordic colors: Blue, White, Pink, Green, Wood Colour. Minimalist: Clean and simplicity. Powerful: Trees, Nature. Cardboard as imitation of wood.

Here you have some examples of small details that you can find in Helsinki City.

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro

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