Digital Painting by AES+F

Iranzu GuijarroRealism Painting. Digital Painting. Contemporany Painting. Blending history with current life.

This Russian Art Collective, AES + F, they create a new way of viewing the biblical moment of the reincarnation. The new Reincarnation. As one of the members says «this is the idea of some kind of new humanity, new man – maybe he will have a tail? We think humankind will have some kind of mutation in the future». In my opinion, they have achieved perfectly the combination between old insight  with contemporany technologies, tools and cloths. I like the small and important details of  movement of the hands, mouths and posture of the actors. They have developed a signature style of photography and high-end production, producing surrealistic art films rife with mythological and theological imagery.

Watch the artwork in this video.

   Iranzu GuijarroAES+F comprises conceptual artists, Tatiana Arzamasova and Lev Evzovich, graphic designer Evgeny Svyatsky and fashion photographer Vladimir Fridkes. They define their artworks as the union between Calvin Klein and Caravaggio. They have made some other films like this, such as Feast of Trimalchio.

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro

Iranzu Guijarro

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