Sound of The City Documentary by Stina Lundkvist & Sergio Castrillón.

Sounds of the city Documentary. Stina Lundvist and Sergio CastrillónSome weeks ago Cinemaissi Latin America Film Festival of Helsinki chose Sounds of The City Documentary directed by Stina Lundkvist, Swedish woman, and interpreted by Sergio Castrillón ,Colombian man. Great combination!!

Sound of the city documentary. Stina Lundvist and Sergio Castrillón.This March I met Sergio Castrillón in Arkadia International Bookshop in a poetic evening. Both of us, we were reciting some poems written by our friend Leonardo Sevilla. I remember Sergio with his Cello relaxed and smiling. When It was his turn, he started to recite mixing his sweet colombian accent with his improvised cello music, amazing! I can define Sergio as Contemporary Street Art Musician. He is an improvisation lover and he likes to collaborate with different people. He knows how to be in the street, around this society.

Sound of the city documentary. Stina Lundvist and Sergio Castrillón.Stina Lundkvist and Castrillón’s Documentary represents Sergio’s music project. At the end, it represents his way of thinking, his way of living and his way of understanding passions supported by Stina filming point of view. I love it! I want to share with you these 20 minutes of great thoughts and acts.

Sound of the city documentary. Stina Lundvist and Sergio Castrillón.Watch the documentary:

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  1. Conchi dijo:

    Excelente músico para todos los públicos.

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